Vineyard Langley BC

As the oldest and largest vineyard in the Fraser Valley, Chaberton Estate Winery’s vineyard covers 50 acres, while the remaining 5 acres of the property house buildings, parking, and other amenities for our customers to enjoy.

Langley Vineyard.

While we are located just 45 minutes outside of Vancouver, our vineyard lies within a small micro-climate, receiving about 30% less rain than Vancouver. This climate is ideal for growing grape varietals similar to those grown in Northern France and Southern Germany, and the aquifers of the Campbell Valley eliminate the need for irrigation.

Our Langley vineyard currently consists of a selection of different vitis vinifera grapes, including Siegerrebe, Madeleine Sylvaner, Madeleine Angevine, Reichensteiner, Ortega, and Gamay Noir, as well as some of our original Bacchus vines, which are now more than 35 years old.

Let Us Introduce Our Winemaker.

GARY ZHYGAILO - Chaberton Estate Winemaker

Gary (Gennadi) Zhygailo

  • 2016—Joined our team
  • 2003—Master’s Degree in Fermentation and Winemaking Technology
  • 2002—Bachelor’s Degree in Food Science

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