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Tasting Menu | January 12, 2021

Flights & Tasting Menu for January 12 – January 18

Available for flights in the picnic area for $10 from the Chaberton Wine Shop.  You can enjoy 8 oz of wine while sampling the menu!


2019 Estate Grown Madeleine Sylvaner BC VQA

Grown on our Estate in Langley, BC, these grapes produce a wine which is floral and elegant on the nose with notes of green apple and lemon. Soft and fresh on the palate with nice acidity and a vanilla finish. This Madeleine Sylvaner endured a long fermentation at 12-15 degrees Celsius, and a mixing of the lees once every two weeks, for two months post fermentation.

2018 Gewurtztaminer BC VQA

In our Gewurztraminer, we took grapes from the Okanagan Valley, with beautiful floral traits, and grapes from the Similkameen Valley with a perfumed elegance and blended them to produce a unique varietal flavour. Off-dry with the fruity sweetness of lychee, ginger and rosehip aromatics, this wine finishes with a zesty ruby red grape-fruit finish.

2018 Chaberton Red BC VQA

Our house blend of 100% BC grown grapes, sourced from the Okanagan and Similkameen Valleys, offers aromas of cherries, spices and a hint of vanilla. This dry red wine is smooth on the palate and extrudes flavours of cherries, plums and sweet spices.

2016 Meritage BC VQA

Rich milk chocolate notes envelop the weight of this full bodied red, followed by a silky texture of dark black plums and sweet cherries. Roasted nuttiness accentuates an extended long finish of Christmas spice and confection.