Guide to Easter Dinner

Holiday | March 27, 2024

Chaberton’s Wine Guide to Easter Dinner

With Easter coming, take the stress off your dinner planning with these helpful wine-pairing tips. Treat yourself, your family, friends and guests with a beautiful bottle of wine for your Easter feast!

Springtime Green Salad
With lemon herb dressing
2022 Sauvignon Blanc                                 $18.95

The tropical fruit notes of our Sauvignon Blanc pair perfectly with the green herbaceous flavours of the asparagus salad. The acidity coming from the lemon dressing is calming to the crisp acidity of the wine. On the palate, our Sauvignon Blanc’s gooseberry and juicy kiwi tastes complete this delicious pairing.

Rosemary Garlic Roasted Lamb
2019 Syrah                                                              $32.00

Lamb is strong in flavour. Meat so rich is best paired with a rich wine. This full-bodied, oaked red wine leaves a black pepper taste on the palate with a finish of perfectly toasted bread. The wine’s distinct clove and cinnamon nature offers a unique and delightful complement to the lamb, creating a silky, subtle tannin finish that elevates the dish.

Baked Ham
With raspberry glaze 
2022 Chaberton Pink                  $18.95

To pair the ham with the perfect wine, the key lies in the sweet glaze. The Chaberton Pink wine is an excellent choice, as it has strawberry and rhubarb flavours that enhance the raspberry in the glaze. The aroma of strawberry pie, along with hints of vanilla completes the sweet glaze. The radiant pink colour of the wine will shine bright in any wine glass!

Butter Roasted Turkey
With mashed potatoes and gravy     
2022 Barrel Aged Chardonnay              $23.50

Butter, cream, and more butter: all rich flavours! The Barrel Aged Chardonnay has an exquisite deep golden hue thanks to the ten months it spent maturing in an oak barrel. The result is a flavour profile that includes subtle hints of vanilla, buttered popcorn, and warm toasted brioche. This wine meets the rich, full butter taste of the turkey and potatoes delivering a smooth velvety texture.

2022 Gamay Noir                                              $21.95

For those who prefer the taste of red wine, an excellent choice would be the Gamay Noir. This type of wine is renowned for its classic “Burgundy Style” which is characterized by its bright and distinct flavours of raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry. Its light-bodied nature makes it a perfect fit for the rich and savory turkey.

Roasted Tomatoes and Vegetables
2022 Pinot Noir                                                  $23.95

This elegant Pinot Noir is an ideal match for rich and flavorful vegetables, thanks to its delicate body and smooth tannins that create a silky mouthfeel. Its red berry notes provide a burst of refreshment. Whether it’s a casual gathering or a special occasion, this wine is a delightful choice to elevate any meal.

Easter Chocolate
2017 Tribute                                                          $25.95

Lastly, let’s talk about dessert! What could be a better pairing with chocolate than wine? This fortified wine is made using 100% Merlot grapes and is bursting with chocolate, sweet cherries, and plums. The taste is rich and warm, with a soft vanilla finish. The sweetness of the confection matches the sweetness of the Tribute wine. So go ahead and treat yourself to a dessert wine to go with your chocolate dessert.