A little bit about Bacchus!

Uncategorized | March 9, 2022

Ever poured yourself a glass of our flagship Estate Grown Bacchus and thought “What’s in my glass?”. Well maybe not that far, I mean good wine is here to enjoy with great company, but there is always the fleeting thought.

Created in the Palatinate Wine Region of Germany in 1933 by Peter Morio by cross breeding a Sylvaner x Riesling cross with Müller-Thurgau. This new white wine grape received varietal protection and released for general cultivation in 1972.

Named for the Roman god of wine, Bacchus can be planted where Riesling does not ripen reliably, and usually shows high productivity. Though it ripens early, it also susceptible to spring frosts that can kill off early buds, stunting the crop.

Bacchus can have powerful character, with high sugar content and low acidity, making it a easy drinking wine. Key lime, ripe peach and fresh pear round out the beautifully soft flavours of our flagship Bacchus. The sweet citrus notes build on the fresh acidity, bringing this fragrant wine a comforting quality that is sure to please the palate.

Try pairing with curries, baked fish, and grilled prawns, or just on it’s own!

15g/L Residual Sugar         12.3% alc/vol           $17.95 – winery direct